Photography Workshops

Our workshops are mainly conducted during the Autumn/Winter/Spring months – i.e. October through to April.

This allows for shorter days when the sun is lower in the sky giving light that can be worked with throughout the day, along with dawn and dusk being at more sociable hours.

The weather tends to be more transient at this time of year and although this can mean wetter and colder winter conditions it also brings frequent changes in fast moving and dramatic light. Snow can also be a feature which adds to the drama and, importantly, the days are guaranteed to be midge free.

Our daily schedules are not pre-programmed – locations will depend on where the weather and the light leads us, both Tim and Russell have considerable knowledge and experience in ‘reading’ local conditions.

2020 Schedule



North West Scotland


Duration - 7 nights          March 28th-April 4th 2020        £1350

The North West Highlands offer a different experience from the rest of Highland Scotland. The mountains here tend to be solitary and less concentrated into great ranges. Typically they stand in spectacular isolation - alone in a landscape of wild open moorland punctuated by a plethora of lochs and lochans. A landscape carved from rock by hard glacial ice and eons of erosion by harsh weather.
A landscape where the drama of its creation still prevails and evokes a tangible sense of the primeval.

The ‘Geopark’ just north of Ullapool typifies the area. Generally known as ‘Assynt’ this is just one small part of this vast region. The further north one ventures the more the mountains stand like sentinels to the past and the coastline becomes wild and remote with unspoilt white sand beaches. A truly remarkable and rewarding place for photographers to discover - and in which to learn their craft!

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Isle of Skye


Duration - 5 nights          October 24th - 29th 2020        £950

What's not to like about Skye. One of the most scenic, photogenic locations in Britain. Just 55mls from north to south and 20mls across, yet it encapsulates some of the best that Scotland has to offer. From the breathtaking Cuillin Hills to the dramatic landslip that is the Quiraing; The more gentle Sleat peninsula, known as the Garden of Skye, to the sea cliffs of Neist Point lighthouse. And there's much more.

Come and experience this most enaging of places and capture that essence with your camera and our help.

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