Specialising in Landscape Photography Workshops in Scotland

yourphotovision is a collaboration between Tim Wilcock and Russell Sherwood, professional landscape photographers based on the Isle of Skye, each having their own individual approach to photography. In a learning scenario this co-led approach and diversity of styles offers a breadth of technical expertise and artistic vision, enabling clients towards realising their own personal photographic aspirations.

With yourphotovision there are no fixed photographic philosophies – the objective is to mentor individuals along their chosen photographic path and to facilitate achievement of their own aspirations by combining technical guidance with artistic direction. Our photography workshops in Scotland are relaxed and informal with limited attendance numbers allowing close attention to be given to each participant. The emphasis is on realising  ‘your photo – your vision’.

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Isle of Skye, Scotland / Tel: 07909 902134 / Email: yourphotovision@gmail.com/Terms and Conditions